Grady’s Cold Brew

Bottled New Orleans-style cold brew for super-charged iced coffee anywhere


Until the recent meteoric rise of the cold brew concept, the average consumer was resigned to hot-brewed coffee that had been chilled—condensing all the bitter acids and oils that come from heated preparation. Now that grassroots cafes are cold brewing and price-points of high end models aren’t too prohibitive for at-home adventurers, most have access to the delicious black nectar. For those who don’t have the time or patience for the slow cold drip, Grady’s Cold Brew, a Brooklyn coffee-brewer, recently came out with their delicious cold brew by the bottle.

Hand-brewed daily, Grady’s Cold Brew is New Orleans iced coffee concentrate, guaranteeing a super smooth taste and bold flavors. Each bottle has a “born” on sticker on top so you know exactly when the batch was produced, and Grady steeps a special blend of coffee, ground chicory and spices overnight, followed by a double filtration to remove grounds.

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Being a concentrate the brew needs to be diluted—recommended one to one ratio with milk or water—but once doused over ice, the taste is fantastic. Super rich, smooth and slightly sweet, Grady’s brew is delicious and packs a serious punch, delivering all the must-have elements of a successful caffeine experience.

At $15 a bottle and an average of eight cups per bottle, Grady’s is also a reasonable splurge ($1.90/cup), while easily standing up against any barista-prepared cold brew out there. If the money isn’t a motivator, the time you save walking to the fridge instead of waiting in line, strolling to the store or cranking out your own brew should be enough to try a bottle of this convenient and tasty beverage.

Grady’s sells from The Brooklyn Kitchen and Rustic in Brooklyn, NY or directly from Grady’s online store.