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Jetboil’s Limited Edition Titanium French Press

An ultra-lightweight way to make coffee for two or more in the field


Whether in the city or out in the fresh, crisp mountain air, a hot cup of coffee will work wonders. In the past, we’ve championed Snow Peak’s titanium french press, though its 24-ounce size isn’t ideal for groups. The recently released Jetboil Javastein, on the other hand, is. With a 1.8 liter capacity, it offers the option to make enough Joe for two, if not three, people. Made of titanium and in limited numbers, the ultra-lightweight accessory (weighing just 220 grams) is great for backpacking, car camping or adding a rugged touch to your morning coffee routine at home.

The individually numbered Jetboil Javastein sells for $90 from EMS and comes with a Grande Coffee Press that can be used with other Jetboil products.

Image by Cool Hunting


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