Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

Cool down on the streets of NYC with an all natural, real-fruit slushy


Like a gourmet Slurpee on wheels, Kelvin Natural Slush Co. recently took to the streets of NYC offering up their all-natural summertime cool down. Beginning with a base (on the day we visited they had ginger, iced tea or citrus), you add various real-fruit purées in flavors like strawberry, mango, guava and peach or herbs like basil and mint for a refreshing, granita-style slush. Already on the sweeter side, to really take it to a dessert-worthy beverage add a scoop of ice cream for a slushy float.


Just a little over one week old, Kelvin is making its way around Manhattan and can be found via its Twitter feed. The slushies sell for about $4 and include a rotating cast of natural fruit flavors.