Johan Bülow gets to the sweet root of licorice

Lakrids_1.jpg Lakrids_2.jpg

In 2007, Johan Bülow launched Lakrids, intent on making the world fall in love with licorice. Though it’s a much-loved Danish ingredient, licorice has always had a polarizing reputation abroad and Bülow was well aware. Wisely, he steered his efforts away from traditional candy applications and focused instead on showcasing the ingredient’s versatility through a wide range of unusual licorice products.

Lakrids’ collection of small-batch, gourmet licorice treats features everything from beers to syrups, some of which are the first of their kind. Products like Salty Licorice Syrup and Raw Licorice Powder are intended as toppings, but can also be experimented with in cooking and baking. Better still, each product is available in both the salty and sweet variety of the root, allowing for further tinkering in the kitchen. On their website, Lakrids offers a range of recipes to help you get started—including a particularly delicious take on a chocolate chip cookie.


Even Lakrids’ more traditional products like classic black licorice are given unexpected twists—ingredients like habanero chili or passion fruit mix with the root to create delectable new flavors. Among our favorite selections were the licorice truffles, which are coated in dark chocolate and coffee as well as white chocolate and passion fruit. Each variation is cleverly labeled by a letter or number, making it easy to remember your favorite flavor.

Lakrids’ full line of licorice delicacies is now available for purchase in the US through Sockerbit online. Prices range from $10 for Raw Licorice Powder to $14 for a jar of truffles.