Vegetarian Hot Dogs at Le Tricycle

The Parisian street food bike team open up their first restaurant with creative twists on a classic

Those in Paris may have spotted Coralie Jouhier and Daqui Gomis cruising through the streets, bringing vegetarian hotdogs to the masses on their food bike service Le Tricycle. A loyal following has now resulted in a newly opened brick-and-mortar restaurant, so people can satisfy their cravings for Le Tricycle’s creative, healthy fast food offerings—with musically influenced names like “Dogtor Dre” and “Le Snoop Dogg”—any time of day. With the restaurant, they’ve expanded the menu to include items like veggie bowls, freshly made juice, homemade desserts, and a “Bento Dog” lunch set.

“We wanted to offer a type of ‘fast food’—fast and easy to eat, but with quality, and healthier,” Jouhier tells CH. “Vegetarian cooking is not so developed in France. We wanted a product that everyone can eat—vegetarian or carnivore: a hotdog of the future!” Neither Jouhier and Gomis has a formal background in cooking; they inherited a passion for preparing good food at home from their families. “We get the inspiration for the recipes from what we like, and who we are,” says Jouhier. “We mix our memories and culture onto food. For example, we make a hotdog with Senegalese peanut and okra sauce, and we make plantain sides. We want to make people discover [a] new culture.”

The idea for the food bikes—which are still in regular use for catering events and private parties—came from the duo’s love for meeting new people and venturing into new atmospheres. “We love the idea of being mobile,” says Jouhier.

Le Tricycle’s new restaurant is located at 51 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France. Keep an eye out on their Facebook or Instagram for news on upcoming soirees.

Images courtesy of Le Tricycle