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From The Ground Up Gluten-Free Snacks

Cauliflower-based pretzels and crackers that actually satisfy

At last, pretzels made for gluten-free and vegan snackers. From the Ground Up snacks are made from cauliflower and cassava flour—the product of a dried and ground cassava root (a tropical root vegetable that looks something like the lovechild of a potato and a coconut). The snacks are delicious (with the mildest cauliflower aftertaste), low in calories and carbs, and, most importantly, service a subset of consumers that have long skipped out on crackers and pretzels because gluten-free options simply do not taste good. A box of crackers comes with six single-serving packs; snackers can choose from cheddar, nacho or sea salt.

Some From the Ground Up snacks can be purchased online; more can be found in local supermarkets.

Images courtesy of From the Ground Up


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