Creative Concept Dinners at Marcy North, Brooklyn

A joint speakeasy-music venue unleashes a seated dining extravaganza

NYC is in no short supply of speakeasies or pop-up dinner clubs, many of which are certainly worth the time and effort to visit. That said, Marcy North, a semi-secret gathering spot in Williamsburg’s The 5th House building, makes for something a bit more peculiar. Presented by DJ duo Wolf + Lamb, this members club, of sorts, hosts drinks and music on a monthly basis. A new element is also well underway: creative concept pop-up dinners called Marcy Dine. We recently sat in on the Marcy Dine Sakura Immersive Dinner—envisioned and prepared by chef Lucia Neamtu—and, from the requested kimono-inspired attire to a signature cocktail and a seven course adventure (with wine), it was a bit like stepping back in time.

Neamtu tells CH, “My husband, Z’ev from Wolf + Lamb, had this underground club called The Marcy Hotel. This is the new venue. Before, it was just the speakeasy, but we wanted to expand the creative options. I am into food. I like to cook.” Recognizing the beauty of their space, Neamtu proposed a pop-up restaurant every month and Marcy Dine was born. Their first experiment fell upon New Year’s Eve, but was for friends and family only. This latest iteration, which kicks off their effort to host one per month, expanded to the outside world—as people could (and can) request membership online.

As for the menu, there was a strange factor that helped determine what would be served. “We don’t really have a real kitchen on site,” Neamtu shares. “I made the menu around that, with much of the food prepared at home.” That said, there was an unreal freshness to each plate. “There was a lot of raw stuff. It had a strong Japanese influence, from the dressing to the sushi crab salad.” A standout vegan foie gras wowed many and the dinner lasted all the way to midnight as guests lingered to chat and sip upon their drinks as live jazz kicked off in a corner.

Keep updated on Marcy North happenings by requesting an invitation online. The venue will host a members mixer on 6 May.

Images courtesy of Marcy North