Microbial Protein Could Halve The Planet’s Deforestation

In a study recently published in Nature, scientists have claimed that swapping “20% of the world’s beef consumption with microbial protein” would lead to a massive reduction in deforestation—half the current level—over the next 30 years. Meat alternatives have drastically smaller carbon footprints than that of cattle; not only does livestock lead to cutting down trees, but also increased methane emissions from cows. The demand for beef has increased by more than double since 1961, and it’s crucial to decrease our consumption. “The food system is at the root of a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, with ruminant meat production being the single largest source,” says Dr Florian Humpenöder, who led the study. “The best meat alternative is to eat less, but [microbial protein products] can make it easier for people to switch away from meat.” Read more at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of Raúl Arboleda/AFP/Getty Images