NYC’s Food Loves Tech Expo

Edible Manhattan presents four large scale exhibitions on the future of food at Chelsea's The Waterfront

There’s a lot to discuss regarding the future of food: sustainability, development, distribution—and technology factors into all of it. The inaugural Food Loves Tech Expo—presented by the team behind Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Edible East End and Edible Long Island—explores all of these topics. Four deeply immersive installations will occupy more than 20,000 square feet in The Waterfront, located in NYC’s West Chelsea neighborhood.

Our eating environment is constantly shifting, and Food Loves Tech intends to showcase just how much. There’s programming during the expo too, offering an experiential dinner, a conversation with Chef Jose Andres and Gary Veynerchuk, and a competition on the future of food, too.

The exposition itself will be divided into five sections: a vendor’s bazaar and four sections pertaining to the event’s pillar topics. For their “In the Field” section, everything from vertical farming to reinventing the food supply chain will be addressed. Brands like Edenworks, Sir Kensingtons and Alt Protein will be on site to further the dialogue. The “In the Home” section tackles the technological advancements smart kitchens and appliances while also touching upon the way we cook and eat. “In the City,” a section dedicated to tech advancements in urban environments, will feature brands like JuiceBot and Gotham Greens addressing everything from juice to sustainability. Rounding it all out, the “On the Horizon” section delves into the aspirations we all carry, while grounding them with brands like BeeHex (who have developed a 3D printed food system). Everyone from chefs to futurists, scientists and tastemakers will be on hand.

The Food Loves Tech expo run from 10-12 June 2016, commencing with a VIP opening night reception. Tickets can be purchased online for $50.

Images courtesy of Food Loves Tech