Noshi Edible Food Paint for Kids

A foolproof, playful way to get children to eat their veggies

As a parent, it can be an endless struggle to get kids settled and fed at mealtime. All kids seem to want to do is play, which is why the team behind Noshi (Tomo Delaney and Pegi Gorelick) has come up with a way to trick kids into eating their fruits and veggies, while keeping them engaged and entertained. Noshi’s Edible Food Paint pouches make eating healthy easy and fun, as kids are encouraged to play with their food—ultimately expanding their palate. Delaney, a stay-at-home dad, teamed up with Gorelick (who recently became a grandmother) on the fun food—which contains no added sugar, salt or preservatives. “Because we are artists and environmentalists, we knew our company would have to be organic and creative,” Gorelick tells CH. “We formulated our pouches to resemble the colors of crayons so that kids—and adults too—could have fun decorating their food while eating nutritious, organic fruits and vegetables.”

Noshi Edible Food Paint—available in six flavors: pea, carrot, beet, strawberry, mango, and apple—is currently funding on Kickstarter.

Images courtesy of Noshi