P&M Whiskey

A brewery and distillery team up to make premium whiskey on the island of Corsica

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From the island of Corsica, P&M Whiskies represent the joint efforts of two local businesses, the Pietra Brewery and Domaine Mavela, a producer of liqueurs and other spirits. Combining Pietra’s expertise in brewing and fermenting with Mavela’s distillation experience (whiskey is, after all, distilled beer), the two brands came up with the first Corsican whiskey, which they’ve been producing since 2001.

The process starts with a mix of peated and barley malts, which then ferment with yeast in the brewery’s tanks. Following that, the concoction goes to Mavela where they distill it into pure alcohol in Holstein stills and add mountain spring water from the local town of Poggio di Nazza. Finally, the booze ages in 100-year-old oak casks for three years, lending it a depth of flavor that consistently earns high marks from whiskey experts.

Available in three types—Blend, Superior Blend and Pure Malt (our favorite)—bottles start at about €24 and sell from both Land of Whiskey and
Corsican Products