Penny Blue XO Mauritian Rum

An island spirt with a rich history and strong character that needs no mixer


Nearly 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Madagascar lies the island nation of Mauritius. Known mostly for its beaches and lush mountains, Mauritius is also home to a long tradition of rum-making, utilizing the island’s rich sugarcane crops. The Medine Distillery has been producing rum since 1926 and the Penny Blue XO is their rarest, most carefully crafted offering yet. Limited to small batches, where each crop takes on a unique flavor profile, the Penny Blue has the complexity of a single malt scotch with the distinct palate of a fine rum. Batch #002 was aged for an average of seven years in a blend of whisky, cognac and bourbon casks. The result is a spirit that carries a clearly defined bouquet of cinnamon and cloves while the palate is decidedly dry with notes of papaya and mango rounded out by a vanilla finish. For those looking to explore more complex rums, the Penny Blue is an approachable and satisfying starting point.

Named for one of the world’s rarest stamps, Batch #002 of Penny Blue XO is limited to 7,000 bottles worldwide. Pick up a bottle at finer retailers or online for $80.

Images by Cool Hunting