Pure Cocoa Collection Shots


If you're looking for a way to get a calorie-free chocolate fix, Pure Inventions makes a line of supplements that packs all the antioxidant benefits of chocolate into a couple droppers full of liquid. Made using their proprietary blend of cocoa extract and powder and sweetened with Lo Han fruit, the collection includes three flavors (plain, vanilla and mint) which can be added to water or anything else to reap the blood pressure-lowering, skin-improving and other helpful benefits of chocolate.

We found the taste to be much like other "health food" chocolates we've tried—without the creaminess of regular chocolate and with a fruity sweetness that grows on you. As a water boost or added to yogurt, ice cream or milk, as recommended, it makes for an easy and tasty way to kick up your antioxidant regime. A set of all three flavors is $50 from Pure Inventions.