Seasoned Skewers

Callisons Inc. has developed Seasoned Skewers. Permeated with essential oils and natural flavors, these wooden skewers flavor food from the inside out.

Soak the skewers in liquid (water, wine, beer, etc.) then skewer your food, fish, chicken, tofu, vegetables, fruit, you-name-it and cook on the grill or indoors if you prefer. The food will be infused with flavor after only a few minutes. Anything that can be “skewered” can probably benefit from a little extra flavor. Callisons provides recipes for burgers, grilled summer fruit and even bruschetta tomatoes. Flavors include Honey Bourbon, Thai Coconut Lime, Citrus Rosemary, and Garlic Herb. A package of ten skewers retails for $8 from My Secret Pantry. Coming to stores soon.

by Amy Sherman