Siggi’s Yogurt New Flavors: Vanilla, Açai and Grapefruit


Though produced in New York City with dairy sourced upstate, Siggi's is an Icelandic-style strained yogurt, or skyr. What makes a yogurt Icelandic? The first distinction is consistency. Far thicker than most yogurts at the grocery store, Siggi's texture is more akin to the Greek variety. With a full 16 grams of protein, it has two to three times that of conventional yogurts. And particularly popular among the health conscious, Siggi's is completely fat free and avoids sugars or artificial sweeteners in favor of raw agave nectar.

Due to its lack of considerable sweetening, the Siggi's flavor is more tart than most. (On a recent visit to CH, Siggi explained that one of the reasons he started the brand was because he prefers less sweet yogurt.) While this may be jarring to the untrained palate, the skyr's sour taste makes it the perfect accompaniment for sweeter additions like honey, granola or fruit.


Originally available in Plain, Blueberry, Orange and Ginger, as well as Pomegranate and Passion Fruit, they just launched a trio of new ones: Vanilla, Açai and Grapefruit. All flavors are available in six-ounce cups and they recently began selling a 16-ounce container of Plain. You can find Siggi's Skyr at select Whole Foods, Wegmans and Balducci's locations, as well other retailers across the country.