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A Visit to The Macallan

Our photographic tale of how Scotch whisky goes from barley to barrel to bottle

One of the great pleasures of creating content for Cool Hunting is searching out interesting stories to tell. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to be given access to the people who make all kinds of wonderful things and the seldom-seen aspects of how they do it. This was the case with our visit last week to The Macallan distillery in the Scottish Highlands and the Clyde Cooperage in Edinburgh.

We felt the best way to tell their story was through the photos we took during our visit, where we met the people who create the whisky and experienced first-hand its journey from grain to bottle.

Be sure to view the slideshow full screen and turn on titles and descriptions for the detailed story.

We’re grateful that The Macallan invited us on this journey (though no obligation of coverage was agreed to and no compensation was received for doing so). We’ve truly developed an entirely new level of respect for the craft of making single malt Scotch whisky.

RSS and iPad readers, please note that the full photo essay is only available on the site. Photography by Josh Rubin


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