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The Splendid Spoon at Fashion Week

Bowls of healthy soup on demand from the creators of a wholesome cleanse


While the presentations last week at Lincoln Center stimulated many senses, they didn’t tackle taste buds. However, Brooklyn’s The Splendid Spoon did—by way of an on-demand courier service delivering soups straight to attendees who ordered via tweet, Instagram or email. The social experience was easy, fun and rather tasty—but as founder Nicole Chaszar explains, “It was a good way to get healthy, wholesome soup into the fashion savvy, image-conscious people attending.” The fashion world has already crossed the pond to London, but the soups, (and the cleanse they are a part of) are still available stateside. Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, The Splendid Spoon’s ingredients change with the seasons but remain fresh and handmade.


Each soup is handmade from plants only, making them 100% vegan. They also avoid nuts, wheat and soy, dodging most allergens. With no additional additives, they’re as healthy as a meal can be while keeping taste at the forefront. The soup cleanse concept isn’t new, in fact it was pioneered by Dr. Henry Bieler in 1965, by way of a rich, distinct zucchini and string bean broth. “The genesis of my soup cleanse was coming up with a structured day similar to juices, where you have a regiment and a sequence but the experience is more positive,” Chaszar notes. “It’s about feeling good as opposed to feeling hungry or angry. Everyone has a really nice memory around soup so it was an easy answer for me.” Chaszar also notes the many benefits of soup as a vessel for sustenance. “A lot of nutrients are absorbed after vegetables are cooked gently. We use whole vegetables. Our soups are high in fiber and low in calories.” Maxing out at 300 calories, these soups still feel substantial. And the cleanse isn’t about punishing, it’s more about rewarding oneself—employing a bit of nostalgia along the way.

You can try The Splendid Spoon’s offerings by ordering online, where the soup cleanse starts at $55, and the seasonal sampler featuring four 16 oz soups, one of each variety, sells for $46. They’re also available at select retailers.

Images courtesy of The Splendid Spoon


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