Personalized Treats by Timmy’s Pies, London

Tasty baked goods complete with individual messages, delivered to your workplace, party or picnic


When you think of Valentine’s Day or birthday presents, savory pies might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but that could soon change. The people behind British pie-maker Timmy’s Pies are stepping up their game with a selection of pies that can be personalized, ordered online and delivered to a workplace, birthday party or picnic. What started as a hobby for founder Timmy Wilkes has turned into a full-time job: supplying Londoners with fresh pies.


The company is completely independent and all pies are made by hand, but even though their pie-making methods may be traditional, Timmy’s Pies is very much a modern, internet-based organization. “Online sales are hugely important to us. Pies by post. Personalization. The ability for someone to write ‘Hello fuckface’ on a giftbox of mini pies for a friend’s birthday. You don’t get that with the big corporate companies,” Wilkes says.


Timmy’s Pies offers regular full-size pies as well as the smaller versions, with fillings that change depending on the season. At the moment, flavor combinations include slow roast pork and rhubarb pie, applewood smoked bacon and egg pie, and a vegetarian mushroom, caramelized red onion and spinach pie, among others. When asked how he chooses the flavors, Wilkes tells us, “I’m obsessed with UK-sourced meat, local and foraged vegetables, uncovering forgotten recipes and giving them a new twist. We’ve got a fabulous farm we work closely with in Devon. Gamekeeper-sourced game from Berkshire. And all sorts of interesting British suppliers through New Covent Garden Market. Apart from that, it’s down to good old experimentation.”

Timmy’s Pies is still growing and has just successfully launched its “PIE LOVE YOU” Valentine’s Day pies, which saw the employees working 20-hour shifts to fulfill all the orders. As well as online, Timmy’s Pies are available at retailers including upmarket department stores Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, and at farmers and food markets. And, after this Valentine’s Day, the company might just have won the hearts of even more pie-lovers.

Images courtesy of Timmy’s Pies