Doublewide Sleeping Bags By Big Agnes


Big Agnes is a Steamboat Springs, CO based company that makes sleeping bags and pads, tents, and other camping gear and is quickly becoming a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. We love their new Doublewide sleeping bags, which are made to accommodate couples.

The King Solomon and Dream Island Doublewide Sleeping Bags both use pads to make sleeping in them as comfortable as possible. The Big Agnes System, as they call it, requires a pad inserted into a sleeve on the bottom of the bag instead of fill, which compresses under your body. Because the pad becomes part of the bag you are guaranteed that it won't slip out from under you.

The King Solomon is lighter, down filled, and tailored for backpackers. It is highly compressible and weighs in at 5 lbs 7 oz. The Dream Island is synthetically filled with Quallofill and is geared for campers. Both bags are rated to 15º and have built in collars for two people with no-draft zippers on each side.

Both bags are available online at Big Agnes. The King Solomon is $300, and the Dream Island is $239.