Weil Baby Tritan Bottles

Dr. Andrew Weil designs toxin-free baby bottles that convert to training cups


The near-impossible task of finding the perfect bottle belongs in the “things people don’t tell you before you have a baby” file. Initially, the nipple plays the decisive role—will your baby like it or not? Then, make sure your kid isn’t taking in too much air with the milk or formula. You don’t want a gassy baby, do you?

Many brands of bottles have extra little contraptions to help avoid colic, which involves washing and sterilizing in addition to the bottle. And these days, you have to look for BPA-free bottles too. For a mom who’s gone without sleep or showers for days, it can all feel like way too much.


Luckily Dr. Andrew Weil recently introduced a new stylish BPA-free option that does it all with three easy pieces—a nipple, a ring and bottle. Made from toxin-free Tritan, the
Weil Baby
line has a special engineer-designed “one piece venting system” that so far does the trick in my house, meaning there’s less to wash and less gas.

The bottle starts as a baby bottle, but by changing the nipple and adding a handle it works as sippy cup as the child grows. We love the bright colors of the bottles too. They come in purple, green, orange, blue, and yellow, with matching metallic-like tops and handles in silver, orange, purple and green. The milk looks blueberry- or banana-flavored, even when it isn’t. How fun is that!


The bottles and/or training cups come in five- or nine-ounce sizes bottle and sell from Amazon, starting at about $9 per bottle.