Sweet + Spicy Nono Sauce from Pharrell’s Williams Family Kitchen

A debut product from the Dean & DeLuca-produced brand, from a recipe by the iconic musician's father

Many of the best recipes aren’t in cookbooks. They exist in the minds of loved ones and they’re often tossed together without much consideration, pulled directly from sense memory—and the result is a concoction that’s composed with a little nostalgia and a lot of love. This is true for so many families all over the world. One of those families happens to be that of iconic musician, artist and producer Pharrell Williams. One of his family recipes, however, has found its way into Dean & DeLuca stores under the brand Williams Family Kitchen. Known as Nono sauce, the sweet and spicy product has long been used by Pharrell’s father Pharaoh Williams to glaze and marinate. It’s designed for grilling, but can be added to just about any savory treat. The tang reveals it to be a cousin—albeit a distant one—to BBQ and maybe even sweet-and-sour sauce. The vegan, gluten-free Nono sauce marks a debut for the Williams Family Kitchen brand, but it’s slated to be just one of many flavorful items. If it’s an indicator of what’s to come, then the brand is one to keep an eye on.

Nono sauce is available online for $17.

Images by Cool Hunting