Wine: A Tasting Course

An illustrated, informative and extremely helpful guide to the world of wine


There can be a little (or a lot) of anxiety around ordering wine at a restaurant or even serving it at home. It’s one of the most refined alcohol cultures and there is always something else to learn—about pairing, temperature, aging and so much more. While you don’t need to be a sommelier to enjoy wine, or to know about it, “Wine: A Tasting Course” can definitely help. This visual guide teems with comprehensive infographics and colorful illustrations—all of which function to shed light on the complexities of the wine world. Author Marnie Old—a world renowned sommelier, columnist and educator—delivers a book that tackles all the larger concepts and hones in as deep as just about any reader could want to go.


“What if I can’t detect all those flavors?” the book asks, before explaining that this is OK. You can make educated guesses by pairing your tastebud experience with knowledge of the grape and region. The book makes note of many connections between wines, while navigating the bunch by grape variety and wine style. It also incorporates handy exercises to test your palate. There’s no pomp and circumstance, just solid facts within and among pretty pictures and effective visualizations. Old believes that the best way to learn is through tasting. This book aims to open up readers to comfort, confidence and context so that they do exactly that—taste more.

“Wine: A Tasting Course” is available online for $25.

Photos by Nara Shin