I’d Rather Have a Pizza Than a Boyfriend

Snackwave, re-inventing the phone call, JR on Ellis Island and more in our weekly look at the web

From Moschino’s McDonalds-themed F/W 2014-15 collection (where a fountain drink purse currently costs $895) to Cara Delevigne and Beyoncé wearing head-to-toe pizza outfits to the head-scratching tweets from Taco Bell wanting to be your friend, snackwave has hit the mainstream. The Hairpin gives an extensive lowdown about the lowbrow origins of snackwave (a snarky, slightly doom-and-gloom attitude about eating cheeseburgers and junk food and loving it—the antithesis to health food craze and food-shaming) to becoming an aesthetic embraced by celebrities, couture fashion brands and fast food corporations alike.