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Light in space, furniture from vintage adidas apparel, an underwater sculpture park and more

Outer Space Might Not Be Dark After All

“Is space truly black?” Tod Lauer, an astronomer at the National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab, questions. Now, courtesy of research from NASA’s New Horizons team and their spacecraft (which is approximately 4,000,000,000 miles from Earth), we understand that no is quite possibly the answer. The team argues that if you were to remove all sources of visible light from our night sky, there would still be a glow. In fact, the amount of light left behind would be equivalent to what was removed. Astrophysicists recognize the impact of these claims, and responded accordingly. “It’s very difficult to turn around and say to the astronomical community, like, ‘Hey guys, we’re missing half of the stuff out there,'” Michael Zemcov, an astrophysicist at RIT, tells NPR. Read more there.

Image courtesy of NASA

OMA’s Underwater Sculpture Park in Miami

Stretching out seven miles along the Miami coast, ReefLine will welcome local marine life and aquatic tourists starting in December 2021. It will be composed of stacked concrete modular units that align with the seabed, along with a series of art installations. OMA’s Shohei Shigematsu led the architectural development of the project (and designed the staircase-like sculpture that plays with underwater weightlessness). OMA was joined in their efforts by researchers from the University of Miami, marine biologists and coastal engineers—as well as Coral Morphologic and the City of Miami Beach. ReefLine founder and artistic director Ximena Caminos and the BlueLab Preservation Society lead the initiative altogether. Read more about the attraction at New Atlas.

Image courtesy of OMA

adidas CONFIRMED + DRx Romanelli’s Upcycled Furniture

adidas CONFIRMED collaborated with multi-dimensional brand DRx Romanelli (aka Darren Romanelli) on 10 pieces of furniture that have been crafted using vintage adidas garments. Also made using sustainable filling, the pieces (eight custom chairs and two loveseats) follow the DRx Romanelli manifesto, reimagining and reconstructing items into new forms with new functions. Not only are the pieces striking to look at, adidas CONFIRMED and DRx Romanelli will be giving them all away. Simply download the adidas CONFIRMED app to enter the competition, which opens today and runs through 6 December.

Image courtesy of adidas

The Invisible Collection, Duvelleroy + José Lévy’s Fans For HeART Charity Auction

Parisian handheld fan atelier Duvelleroy and artist José Lévy have partnered with The Invisible Collection on the Fans For HeART charity auction to benefit La Fondation des Artistes, a French non-profit that supports artists. The auction, running now through 30 November, features 37 color-forward fans, designed by the likes of Isabel Marant, Pierre Yovanovitch, John Derian, Yinka Ilori, Campbell Rey and more. See all the one-of-a-kind fans and learn more about how the auction came together at The Invisible Collection.

Image courtesy of The Invisible Collection 

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