Eau de Space Perfume Replicates the Scent of Outer Space

Based upon the smell of outer space, recreated from various “natural flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry,” and verified by multiple astronauts (including space shuttle pilot Tony Antonelli, who described his experience of smelling space as “strong and unique” and “nothing like anything” he’d smelled on Earth), Eau de Space translates the cosmos into a perfume. Developed by chemist Steve Pearce, who was contracted by NASA to develop the scent in 2008 for astronaut-training exercises, the final formula took four years to perfect. Now, it’s on Kickstarter and has blown past its initial target. For only $29, the fragrance is available to anyone who wants to smell like “a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum,” according to Eau de Space product manager Matt Richmond. The team plans to release the scent of the moon in the future, too. Read more at CNN.