Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Braun Archive Auction, Chocolate Canon D60, Kiln-Fired Sneakers and more in our weekly look at the web


1. Transporter

After a thrillingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Transporter digital storage solution is now available for purchase. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming review on this device, which allows unlimited online (but not cloud-based) private file sharing through 2.5″ SATA II/III hard drives without recurring fees.

2. Comparing The World’s Richest People

Bloomberg Billionaires presents a
visual data plot of the world’s richest people. Presented in a variety
of formats, peruse the infographics to learn trivial, yet
interesting facts, such as who gained how much in monthly
increments, where they stand in historical rankings and how many
children they each have.

3. Brian Eno

Revered multidisciplinary artist Laurie Anderson holds an intimate conversation with Brian Eno about his long career as legendary producer in the music industry. Detailing his career from collaborations with David Bowie to his most recent album “Lux,” Anderson questions Eno about how he’s stayed relevant over the decades. A genius soundscape creator, Eno opens up about the freedom that comes with unloading unnecessary belongings and the importance of consistency.

4. Lehmann LA100

Take your GoPro to new heights with Lehmann’s latest product, an unmanned aerial vehicle also known as the LA100. Their first flying machine allows users to attach their choice of GoPro camera and pilot autonomously from the ground at a distance of up to 80-100 meters. You also have the choice to attach a GoPro in two different positions—on the top or the bottom of the wing.


5. Braun Archive Auction

The mere mention of vintage Braun and Dieter Rams designs makes
most aesthetes shake at the knees. Now imagine owning approximately 1,000 different pieces produced from 1955
to 1985. Here’s your chance: a private collection is currently up
for sale with a minimum asking price of €350,000.

6. The Centrifuge Brain Project

As the astounding results show, children who experience extreme amusement park rides at the kindergarden age increases brain activity some 30% over those that stayed on the ground. Filmmaker Till Nowak’s short video explores these findings
through a comprehensive interview with research scientist Dr. Nick
Laslowicz, touching on his high altitude roller coasters and 14-hour
ferris wheel ride.

7. Meat America

Photographer Dominic Episcopo aims to kickstart a project that depicts the American spirit through cleverly composed cuts of meat. Among the shots are profiles of Abraham Lincoln and Elvis, a ground beef dollar sign and a plastic-wrapped USDA Choice arrangement riffing on Robert Indiana’s iconic “Love” sculpture.

8. Reactions

In a surprise move, legendary hacker George Hotz creates a photo sharing app called Reactions, which like other apps, enables people to share their images with their friends. Hotz takes it a step farther by allowing users to also share their facial response to each post thanks to the fact it uses both the front and back cameras on the iPhone. Still pending approval, Reactions is likely to hit the iTunes store very soon.


9. Grand Canyon Street View

Google continues to explore off-road street view locations, most recently capturing 75 miles of trails in and around the Grand Canyon. Almost as impressive as the imagery is the method: according to Mashable, “the Google Maps team walked through the canyon carrying the Android-operated, 40-pound Trekker backpacks—a 15-lens camera system that took the images.”

10. Chocolate Canon D60

Designer and amateur chocolatier Hans Chung creates an exact milk chocolate replica of the Canon D60. The perfect edible splurge for a camera fanatic, Chung’s homage is made from a custom mold and five pounds of carefully tempered Guittard chocolate.

11. Kiln-Fired Sneakers

Shoes Like Pottery make canvas sneakers that are fired in a kiln to finish
the vulcanized sole application process. While canvas may not be your
best friend in the rain and snow, there’s no doubt as to their
timeless style applications. Our friends at Hickorees now carry the Japanese shoes, making
them available to the US market for the first time.

12. Selling the Cellar

Faced with ever-growing austerity measures, this week the city of Dijon got creative about fundraising by auctioning off 7,000 bottles of wine from their municipal cellar. The €151,000 raised will be divided between social programs, with 10% going toward restocking costs.