Selfie Jackpot

Cardboard boombox, Ai Weiwei selfies, Greg Packer's ban and more in our look at the web this week

While we laugh, cry and shake our heads in the midst of the selfie craze, a famed Instagram account featuring loads of ridiculous self-portraits is keeping the mania alive. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei—who is also active in the world of hairdressing, music videos, sculpture and general dissidence and protest—generously provides at least one ridiculous selfie a day for his 40,000 Instagram followers. His stream of grainy photos features innumerable shots capturing the bizarre and laughable life of the avant-garde artist—and none without wild hair-dos and a mighty beard. HuffPo compiled 20 of Weiwei’s best, but be sure to follow @aiww to stay up-to-date with his daily dose of humorous selfies.