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Ace of Base: Living in Danger

John Talabot’s new single, Elliott Smith remembered and Jeff Carvalho’s Europop #PrivateJam in this week’s music recap

Sweden’s musical output to the world is a colored one, from the bleak and dark to the boisterously Eurovision-victorious and cheesy. This week’s #PrivateJam comes from Selectism and HighSnobiety’s Jeff Carvalho, who looks to the land of the midnight sun for his musical vice. Opting for ’90s Europop icons Ace of Base’s “Living in Danger,” Carvahlo describes the song in its larger, influential role in pop music. “The reggae-infused bassline and Swedish vocals and production were precursors to the Scandinavian hit machines that brought us the very best from Britney Spears and others in the 2000s.”


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