Club Kuru: All the Days

DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams, a #PrivateJam from HUH's Joe Reeve, remembering DJ E-Z Rock and more in the music we tweeted this week

London-based Club Kuru’s recent single “All the Days” is a sun-drenched slice of easy listening, indie R&B. While the song on its own—the band’s first release in a year—is worth a listen and will likely find a home on many summer jam playlists, the video is an absolute must-see. Perfectly reflecting the aesthetics of the song, the Danny Sangra-directed short sees the band’s singer Laurie Erskine living the (bittersweet) dream on the Adriatic coast with Icelandic model Sif Agustsdottir. Layered, experimental and delightfully intoxicating, the video and track are both easy to get lost in.