Nadus: Higher

Mahotella Queens, Banks + Shlomo, Habibi and more in the music we tweeted this week

This week’s #PrivateJam comes from NYC’s beloved Queen Bee and Good Peoples‘ founder Katie Longmyer—a woman who exemplifies the term cutting-edge. She tells us, “Claiming DC nightlife as my first home means being bred with Go Go and Bmore club music in my veins, so it’s no surprise that the Jersey Club movement that pulls some inspiration from those sounds is constantly bumping in my headphones these days. One of the kings of the movement right now direct out of Newark—Nadus—is pushing out some crazy edits of everyone’s favorite top tracks but I’m even more partial to his own music, which has a ton of depth and thoughtfulness all woven in to HUGE beats. ‘Higher‘ is one of my favorites because it’s so multi-layered on a production level. I can listen to it when I’m lost in my thoughts or hear it bangin’ through some club speakers. His next record drops in March on Pelican Fly and I’m counting the days.”