Clyde Lawrence Band: Say My Name feat. Gracie Lawrence

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NYC native Clyde Lawrence had written music for soundtracks like “Miss Congeniality” and “Music & Lyrics” before even turning 15, but more recently, the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter took on Destiny’s Child’s 2000 classic “Say My Name” and showcased his band’s musicianship on their respective instruments. A barefoot Jonathan Koh takes the wah-wah guitar licks hidden in the original and magnifies them in this rendition, setting the stage for Gracie’s (Lawrence’s younger sibling, who made her Broadway debut in the play Brighton Beach Memoirs) fiery vocals. This low-key cover was a break from the perfectly mastered tunes that we stream all day on Spotify; it’s refreshing to hear young, raw talent play out in the chillest of environments. Check out Lawrence’s album Homesick to hear his original songs.