Harry Nilsson: Ain’t It Kind of Wonderful

Tanner Ross' live ELITA set, Polar-prize recipient Chuck Berry, Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté and more in the music we tweeted this week

For this week’s guilty pleasure song, Dennis McNany of Museum of Love revealed to CH: “I keep my Nilsson secret… When you listen to Harry Nilsson, he can put you in a melancholy mood. I like my melancholy.” While “Ain’t It Kind of Wonderful“—featured in the 1977 Gene Wilder comedy “The World’s Greatest Lover”—is much happier than Nilsson’s usual style, there’s something too perfect and almost satirical about the lyrics that hides something darker within. As the bonus track off of Knnillssonn, purportedly Nilsson’s favorite, this song (and the entire album) is one you play right before bedtime, with the doors closed and a glass of wine in your hand.