Homeboy Sandman: Problems

Christopher Owens, The Gotobeds, Homeboy Sandman, Kilo Kish and a Cool Hunting #PrivateJam in the music we tweeted this week

Queens, New York’s Homeboy Sandman is a true MC’s MC. The University of Pennsylvania grad ditched law school to pursue his career in music after earning his stripes performing live in clubs and releasing mixtapes adored by hip-hop heads and industry influencers alike. Sandman’s latest release “Problems” sees the 33-year-old MC slowing down his normal up-tempo delivery over a minimalist beat. Hitting topics from sexual health to hipster culture, the verses are an honest, thoughtful, if not humorous, take on the little issues that swirl around our heads. Sandman’s fifth full-length Hallways is out 2 September 2014 on Stones Throw Records.