From Savages live at Ministry of Sound to Jaytram's remix of Quitapenas' Más Tropical, our look at music this week


Wes Anderson Soundtracks

Domino Records has pieced together some of the best tunes to grace the silver screen under Wes Anderson’s creative control for a Spotify playlist that includes both some of the more obvious and also the less recognized songs in his majestic films. Transport yourself to his curious world with a listen to the collection, which includes faves like Bob Dylan’s “Wigwam” from The Royal Tenenbaums, Cat Stevens’ “The Wind” from Rushmore, Peter Sarstedt’s “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)” from The Darjeeling Limited and more.


Hypnolove: Ghost Carnival

A French trio from Toulouse, Hypnolove formed in 2006 out of a shared penchant for disco and ’80s pop. Their unique sound earned them industry admiration over the years, and their just-released sophomore album, Ghost Carnival, proves why. Steered by Ed Banger producer Mickey Moonlight (also known as Midnight Mike) and dropped on the Record Makers label—which is home to Kavinsky and Sébastien Tellier—the 30-minute album is a perfect storm of musical creativity from start to finish. Tracks like “Come To My Empire” and the already-released “Holiday Reverie” will definitely sauce up a few late nights.


Lemon Jelly: Nice Weather For Ducks

A rainy week in New York reminded us of the classic Lemon Jelly tune “Nice Weather For Ducks,” a song nominated for a BRIT award off the duo’s 2002 album Lost Horizons. Before the twosome called it quits in 2008, Fred Deakin and his successful London-based design studio Airside (which also disbanded last year) created this trippy animated video for the quirky track, which sees a bearded old man enter into a psychedelic world of animals and colors.


Savages Live at Ministry of Sound

The Creators Project took a cue from Boiler Room with a live stream of Savages performing at London’s Ministry of Sound on Thursday, which saw the English post-punk band perform an hour of songs from their new album Silence Yourself, out now on Matador Records. The all-girl group has received much acclaim since forming in late 2011, and their superbly dark and dramatic sound will be a welcome antidote on the festival circuit this summer.


Quitapenas: Más Tropical (Jaytram of Sinkane Remix)

A nine-piece band from southern California, Quitapenas “hopes to take away worries” with their funky Afro-Latin sound. Their recently-released, home-recorded album Más Tropical Vol 1 boasts some serious samba vibes that definitely encourage cutting loose on the dance floor, and with a little help from Jason Trammell—also known as Jaytram, the drummer from DFA group Sinkane—their single “Más Tropical” leaps into the land of constant repeat.