Pacman and Peso: Escape to North Korea

Chairman Mao's love for Leonard Cohen, Pacman and Peso in North Korea, William Onyeabor remixed and more in our weekly look at music

Every now and again a story comes along that is truly stranger than fiction. This week DC’s aspiring rappers, Pacman and Peso, released their music video for “Escape to North Korea” which was shot on location in the heavily guarded totalitarian state. The duo funded their project on Kickstarter, which in turn connected them with local fan Ramsey Aburdene who eventually became their manager. Under the guise of a sightseeing tour, the duo shot their video around Pyongyang, flying under the radar. The frigid temperatures, oversized statues of King Jong-un and unsuspecting North Koreans make this a video worth watching. Not to mention that the concept alone is enough for even the most jaded music fan.