School of Seven Bells: I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)

Cascine's Guilty Summer mix, School of Seven Bells, a PrivateJam by musician Jonny Nash and more in the music this week

For this week’s rendition of Impose Magazine’s Friday Night mixtapes, Jeff Bratton—founder of NYC and London-based independent record label Cascine—crafted together an hour’s worth of his current alternative pop music favorites. A genre that doesn’t get enough credit and continually reinvents itself, alt-pop is what his label specializes in. From Lemonade’s steamy “Minus Tide” to Melbourne-based Retro Culture’s synths-meet-R&B beachy “Weekend,” this “So Goddamn Guilty Summer Mix” shows off how diverse the genre can be. Keep your eyes peeled for a mini Cascine & Friends tour in July, along with 100% Silk, Ghostly and Arbutus.