Shy Girls: Still Not Falling

The music we tweeted this week had an unintentional theme: male vocalists with superb falsettos

Don’t let the name fool you—Shy Girls is actually an R&B project led by Portland-based producer Dan Vidmar, whose sultry vocals in his new slow-jam “Still Not Falling” make it impossible not to make a Frank Ocean or The Weeknd comparison. “I’m not an athlete, I sit at home and make beats,” Vidmar croons over bare percussion, showing off his high range prowess during choruses. He’s honed his style and production methods since previous singles like “Under Attack,” which borrowed from retro genres. The result is a perfect soundtrack to your next bedroom session with plenty of room to breathe—a welcome break from today’s BPM-centric hits. LA-based record label Hit City USA, who released some of the earlier Superhumanoids EPs, will be producing the forthcoming Shy Girls EP Timeshare due out on 29 October.