Woolfy vs Projections: Ask (The Smiths Cover)

The Smiths get covered, DJ DB Burkeman on the Rolling Stones and more in this week's look at music

While California’s Woolfy vs Projections (aka Simon James and Dan Hastie) have been working in tandem and as solo artists for well over a decade, their 2012 album—The Return Of Love, on label Permanent Vacation—put them on the (ever-so-slightly) mainstream map. Fans of their work will immediately recognize their take on The Smiths’ song “Ask,” which uplifts Morrissey’s more somber tone and elucidates the vocals with a bouncy effect, while leaving in the original singer’s classic ruminating style. The upshot is a unique take on a widespread favorite that will have you tapping your toes and seeing the much-loved song through fresh eyes.