Alexander West Shirts

Extraordinary custom-fitted shirts styled to exact specifications


A former banker, Alexander West is no stranger to the button-down shirt. After finding a lack of smartly designed, nicely tailored shirts on the market he took it upon himself to create them. While he’s not doing shirts for women (yet), West took the time to make a custom-fitted shirt for me and the result is nothing short of remarkable both in fit and style.

alex-west-3-3.jpg alex-west-3.jpg

West provides a few options for fashioning a custom shirt. If there is already a shirt you adore you can send it in for him to recreate, or he will simply take your measurements either online or in person at the NYC showroom. To ensure the same quality for the DIY measuring as an in-person appointment, West supplies a short video on how to accurately measure yourself. Offering a few hundred colors and fabric patterns online, a trip to the showroom reveals a seemingly endless supply of options (over 1200 in all).


Once fully measured, West provides even more choices such as type of collar or cuff, pocket or pocket-less and shape of the bottom edge. A personal favorite, West will also add an embroidered monogram with three choices on placement.


His attention to detail and raw understanding of both fit and cut leads to a precisely tailored shirt that meets a customer’s exact specifications. Depending on fabric choice, shirts range from $105-150 or $175 for a tuxedo shirt. Check his website for a full list of products including ties and cufflinks.