A.P.C Denim: Butler Worn Out Series


Making a departure from their slim raw denim (with the label that famously advises against washing except in the ocean), A.P.C is expanding their line by releasing a distressed variety named the Butler Worn Out Series.

Unlike the whiskered and bedazzled versions of other brands, the Butler stays true to its clever name. Rather than using sandpaper or washing techniques, a real human being wears each pair to create genuine and one-of-a-kind stress marks that just can't be recreated by some automated process. The jeans even feature the initials of the "butler" who wore them in written on the inside.

It's the ultimate solution for those who don't have the time or patience for that perfectly worn look. We like the fact that every pair is a one-off. No word on price but A.P.C denim is usually fairly reasonable. Keep a look out for the new Butler Worn Out Series at A.P.C this upcoming season.

via Jean Touitou