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Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream from Red Flower

Natural, raw ingredients make for a cream with noticeable hydrating and protecting qualities


The benefits of investing in healthy skin are not only evident in the present, but long into the future. Seeking products that are both natural and effective, NYC-based aromatherapy experts Red Flower are known for their holistic approach to wellbeing. The brand’s Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream draws on a range of carefully selected natural ingredients to create a product that hydrates skin deeply without feeling heavy. The cream’s principal active ingredient—the cloudberry—is sourced from Finland, where the revered vitamin C-packed wild fruit has long been used in the winter to ward off vitamin deficiency during the country’s tough winters. Fatty acids and anti-oxidizing vitamins in the cream contribute to replacing the natural loss of collagen in the skin. Meanwhile avocado oil evens out inconstancies in the skin brought on by rosacea and eczema. Appropriate for all skin types, those prone to irritation, dry skin or imbalance yield the most benefits from the hydrating and protecting cream.

“Using active natural ingredients like these activates your skin to do what it does naturally, which is replenish cells, retain moisture and eliminate toxins,” explains Jeannie Jarnot, founder of Spa Heroes, where we first came across Red Flower’s products. Spa Heroes is a subscription beauty service that is taking a stand on ingredients by ensuring that all of its products are as good for your health as they are for your skin.

Red Flower’s Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream is available for $54 from their webstore while Spa Heroes subscriptions start at $39 per month.

Image courtesy of Spa Heroes


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