Beyond Coal

Sport Pact's new undies to help the Sierra Club fight one of the world's biggest pollutants


The comfy underwear brand with a mission, Pact recently teamed up with like-minded environmentalists the Sierra Club to do something about one of the leading causes of smog, acid rain, global warming and air toxins. Tapping college universities as a way of galvanizing cities to reduce their carbon footprint, Pact and Sierra Club have led a series of protests and petitions encouraging the schools to abandon using coal power. Sierra Club’s Mary Anne Hitt expains, “These college campuses are burning coal in spite of the fact that they are building tomorrow’s leaders, who overwhelmingly look to cleaner technologies to power their future.”

With underwear as the tangible representation of their message and 10% of the proceeds supporting the Club, together they’re promoting clean air and responsible action. The “Beyond Coal” collection is just one reminder of the environmental impact this antiquated energy method has on the earth.

sierrapact2.jpg sierrapact3.jpg

Like their Festive Holiday Lights collection, this edition promises all the ergonomic design of their skivvies (the cut provides maximum comfort without the look of granny panties), keeping you looking good in seminude while also feeling good about where you’ve turned over your cash.

The Beyond Coal collection sells online for men and women starting at $20.