Big Bud Press Pins

GIF artist Lacey Micallef brings her colorful, fun aesthetic to the physical world in the form of pins


Digital artist Lacey Micallef‘s lo-fi, rainbow-colored GIFs depict everything from animated pizza slices to Walter White (and sometimes both) and have garnered a cult following on Tumblr. She’s now bringing her fun aesthetic to the physical world with the launch of Big Bud Press pins.


“When I was a kid my dad always had big junk drawers full of random
garbage,” Micallef, a lifelong collector and trader of pins, tells CH. “There were always lapel pins mixed in with random dirty coins and paperclips on the bottom of his junk drawers and I always took all the pins. I was always so fascinated with how much detail they could fit in such a tiny area.”


Micallef’s bid at designing her own are a win. “The first main collection for the shop is the Floridian Collection, which is quite obviously inspired by my recent move from NYC to Florida,” she says. “The move from NYC to Florida was so easy. I pretty eagerly transitioned into a quiet life but not having any local friends and not having much to do was a bit difficult at first. I channeled a lot of my boredom and loneliness into Big Bud Press.” The Floridian capsule collection features oranges, conches, flamingos, sunnies and more. From the main collection you can find golden fried eggs to pins bemoaning “WHY” in a spectrum of colors.


Big Bud Press’ first collaborative artist series features the work of Micallef’s friend, jewelry and textile designer Martha Porter, aka Buried Diamond. The two have teamed up to create pin versions based on some of Porter’s bestselling (ie: selling out within five to 10 minutes) handmade charms, like her lovable “derpy dog.” Keep an eye out for upcoming collaborations that Micallef will commission from artists she knows and likes.


Big Bud Press’ debut collection of pins (11 in total) launches today, 13 April 2015, and is available online. Pins are $15 each.

Images courtesy of Big Bud Press