Black Weirdos Meets Twin Peaks for A/W 14

From the Black Lodge's zig-zag floor to Killer BOB, plenty of Lynchian inspiration in this Japanese label's collection


For their A/W 2014 collection, Japanese label Black Weirdos has gone deep into Ghostwood Forest. The delightfully odd menswear brand has created a line that is inspired by all things Twin Peaks—no doubt scaring and thrilling fans of the show. There are certainly spoilers for people who haven’t watched the haunting series (but to be fair, the show ended in 1991 so there has been some time to catch up) and lots of nods to various creepy, strange and Lynchian characters.

BlackWeirdos-AW14-02a.jpg BlackWeirdos-AW14-02b.jpg BlackWeirdos-AW14-02c.jpg

From the zig zag pattern of the Black Lodge’s floor, to Killer BOB and backwards-speaking The Man from Another Place, lots of favorites (and nightmares) from the show have been touched on. There are even some Dr Jacoby-esque sweater vests in the mix—although there are several other themes that the brand has intertwined with the Twin Peaks vibe.

Some of the collection is currently available at the brand’s online store, and at various stockists in Japan.

Images courtesy of Black Weirdos