Burds LDN Motorbike Apparel

A new British denim brand that truly blends function and style

Imagine a list of the most iconic styles of all times. Chances are biker apparel happens to be somewhere pretty high up. A new denim brand, Burds LDN, started in London by friends Ame Pearce and Tamara Bell, is made for women who want to balance style with function—without weighing too far in one direction. Rather than wistfully draw inspiration from riders by far, Pearce and Bell actually met through the motorcycle community. The two friends have a bunch of custom motorcycles between them and realized that there was a lack of tough, durable clothing that was wearable off the bike. The result is a collection that not only looks great, but is also practical—featuring reinforcement details, loads of suede and leather, and heavy denim for durability and protection.

“It was important to us to find a balance between function and femininity,” Pearce tells CH. “It’s also fucking cold in England and we want to stay warm, which is how the fleece-lined jeans came about. We needed comfort and movement, and wanted to provide clothes for women who were out there being active—be it cycling, riding or outdoors in general, that still looked cool.” Bell has a background in leather and lingerie design and is behind the Almeida London Lingerie brand, while Pearce has worked with denim for 10 years, designing for industry heavyweights Levi’s and Edwin.

It’s clear that the two are deeply passionate about the quality of their brand, which is made from Japanese and Thai denim. “For us Japanese denim is very important, and makes our product premium. We want to sell a raw jacket that you can wear in and personalize yourself. We want more women to wear raw selvedge denim,” Pearce tells us. The brand is currently manufactured in Hong Kong and China, where the founders have a “great relationship with a manufacturer who really took to our vision.” Pearce says, “Having worked in the denim industry for the past 12 years, it’s important to work with someone who supports and understands your brand.” In the future, Burds LDN will produce its pieces in Europe and the US and also introduce more sustainable fabrics and washing practices, reflecting the way in which the denim industry, in general, is becoming more transparent and eco-friendly.

The collection itself is a global creation, as it was made when Bell was living in Bali and Pearce in London. “We made the patterns ourselves and the cuts are very traditional. For our main PIPE fit, for example, we increased the balance of the back-rise to sit higher with a darted curved waistband, so when you’re riding or cycling your jeans don’t gape at the back. We have introduced reinforcement details, fabrics that work well with the styles and subtle feminine touches to all pieces—like the tiny heart embroidery sign-off detail and removable fur collars,” explains Pearce. The aesthetic and detailing of the brand is impeccable, down to the reclining Burd woman (created by tattoo artist Simon Erl) which is used as the label’s logo. Along with fitted denim jackets with fur collars, fleece-lined jeans with turn-ups showcasing colorful fabric, the collection also features lace and suede halternecks, boxy T-shirts, a sheepskin patchwork vest and embroidered overalls. It’s a strong first collection with cute touches on items that oftentimes end up appearing too technical or passé.

Burds LDN officially launches online in March and in-store at select stockists from July.

Images courtesy of Burds LDN