Cap-Sac Visors

Fanny pack hats and a new laser-beam photo app


When we first discovered Cap-sac, our dork sides fell in love with their fanny pack hats decked out in retro neon hues. Since then, the company has branched out into hats for kids and actual fanny packs. Looking ahead to summer 2012, the company has introduced a new line of equally colorful and retro-fun visors featuring their signature zippered pockets, and a new app to match.


“We are huge fans of retro fashion. We long for the days of knee-high socks and short shorts on the tennis court. Visors are of this era and we miss them, so we decided to bring them back!” says founder Jessica Aceti. The visors especially harken back to the no-holds-barred fashion trends of the late ’80s. “We think the ’80s (and early ’90s) were a really unique and irreverent time in fashion. Those that love the fashion and spirit from that era are super loyal to the Cap-Sac line.”


Coinciding with the release of the visors, Cap-sac has created a delightfully zany iPhone app called “Cap-sac Laser Portraits“. With a few taps, you can beam yourself back in time to a photo studio with throwback laser beam backgrounds, outfits, and, of course, Cap-sacs to create outrageous yearbook-style photos.


Aceti is also planning a busy future for the brand. “We want to put more gaming content on the site so that people have even more fun with Cap-sac! Product wise, we want to continue growing our kids line with some unique backpacks. We are also toying with the idea of Cap-sac winter wear.”


Cap-sac visors are available online for $14. “Cap-sac Laser Portraits” is available on iTunes.

Images by Graham Hiemstra