CH Omakase 2017: BOLDR Expedition Jungle Scout Singapore Watch

Providing early access to a location-specific limited edition timepiece

Coupling fresh design with an accessible price point, BOLDR Supply Co consistently impresses in the world of new wave watch manufacturers. We’ve been following the brand for a few years now, as they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in crowdfunding to bring their designs to life. For Omakase, Cool Hunting was able to present early access to a special edition of their Explorer series that will only be available in Singapore. It’s rugged, masculine and constructed for active use. It’s well sized at 42mm and the vintage strap rounds out the aesthetic language.

CH Omakase is a collection of never seen before, pre-release and collaboratively designed gifts delivered in time for a holiday surprise. You can see our collection from this past season here.

Images by Cool Hunting