CH25: Sabine Seymour

A future where smart clothes are as ubiquitous as zippers

Imagine your everyday clothes had built-in human sensors that monitored vital signs and activity levels, played your favorite song and kept you connected. Dr Sabine Seymour, Director of Parsons’ Fashionable Technology Lab and Chair at Computational Fashion, started conceptualizing this vision long ago.

Working at the intersection of fashion, design, branding, and technology, her mission is “to humanize technology, to be free from having to be at a desk and plugged in, to have an intuitive interface, to make technology seamless, personal, and to make technology beautiful.” The upshot is SoftSpot, the first truly seamless wearable technology, a soft, unobtrusive fabric patch that can be added to garments in manufacturing.

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Illustration by Jason Ratliff, images courtesy of Dr Sabine Seymour