Cool Hunting Video: Fashion and Technology at NYFW

A deeper look at our collaboration with Motorola, curated by visionary Dr. Sabine Seymour

The futuristic film classic, “Blade Runner,” promised a race “more human than human.” Transforming this slice of science-fiction into reality, Dr. Sabine Seymour (the woman behind Moondial) embodies such superhuman ideals of brain and beauty by envisioning “technology on the body as a second skin.” Heralded as a visionary, Seymour spearheaded a movement in “Fashionable Wearables”—a term Seymour uses to describe “designed garments, accessories or jewelry that combine aesthetics and style with functional technology.”

Ushering in a new generation of technology-driven textile designers, Seymour also serves as Director of the Fashionable Technology Lab at Parsons The New School for Design and lectures internationally at Ars Electronica, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Smart Fabrics and the International Symposium on Electronic Art. All of which made her a perfect resource to curate our Fashion X Technology exhibition with Motorola.

Fashion X Technology is a show of innovative, tech-driven couture created in collaboration with Dr. Sabine Seymour of Moondial, presented at New York’s OCBTW and brought to you by Motorola.