Diesel Puzzle Sneakers


Dark, sleek, durable and adaptable. Sounds like the bat mobile and looks rather like it—well, that is if the bat mobile was a shoe. The Puzzle Sneaker is the star feature from the upcoming Diesel Autumn/Winter men’s collection. It's actually more than one new shoe, it’s three in one! This may just be a design gimmick or the start of a whole new way of playing with footwear, either way we think they look pretty funky. We love the idea of having multiple options in one shoe, and we're not just talking about changing the laces. You can move from the minimal low rider style, to the more robust style with detailed stitching, to the full blown hip hop high top, all just with the help of some strategically placed Velcro. While the price tag may look like you are still buying three new pairs of shoes, we appreciate the relative reduction in materials and production time created by this new design. Just one question though…when do the girls get some to play with? Think of all the possible colorways! The Puzzle Shoes will be available in all Diesel stores starting September 2007 for €270.